Olivia Millar-Ross

Olivia Millar-Ross

Represented by Brown and Mills Entertainment

Olivia is an actor and director based in Scotland. Having graduated from Tisch School of the Arts with a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree, Olivia aims to continue to develop her practice through her latest projects which include:

- Performing in short film Through Forever which continues filming throughout Spring 2020.

- Performing in short films RITCHIEMoving On, and Heatseeker, set to film in Scotland throughout 2020.

- Performing in Grant McDonald's new play RESET, which Victoria J Valliere is set to direct.

- Directing and performing in Oranges, Rove St. Productions evening of One Act Plays.

- Directing Adam Greene's short film Magic, set to film in Summer 2020.

- Acting as Director of Artistic Development at Rove St. Productions, a young production company based in Glasgow. The company is currently developing three shows.

Both her Audio and Video Reel are available via her Spotlight.

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